Wot is a book?

Sarah Wong, Control, 2018

My post digital bookwork is a response to the change in behaviour in our daily lives as a result of technology’s rapid advancement. I usually work with traditional, illustrative mediums and this bookwork was an exciting opportunity to challenge what I’m comfortable with in creating illustrations through digital collage (and a lot of prototyping). Although our ability to communicate and access information in an instantaneous manner is an incredible aspect of our lives, it is also the cause of an impatient, restlessness due to our reliance and habit of the easy control which we digitally possess. Our quick agitation towards situations that cannot be solved instantaneously is a characteristic which is uniquely common to people of this post digital era and my book presents different, real life scenarios which keyboard shortcuts may be applied to, to illustrate this. We treat small inconveniences with frustration similar to that of a child’s and almost crave the ability to use a digital function to fix a problem. I wanted my book to echo this experience of a child’s impatience through its format of a pop-up book, drawing attention to its exclusiveness to the people of this era by using images, visuals and colours which are clearly from the past. The title of my book “Control” refers not only to the immediate command we are restlessly quick-tempered for, but also to the CTRL key on our keyboards. This cycle of quick agitation in troublesome but minor situations is what I wanted to portray through the wheel pop-out at the top corner of my book, with its constant presence on every page mirroring how the effects of the post digital era are also a constant presence in our daily lives.