Wot is a book?

Parkon Tang, Stormingdata, 2018
Book, paper, glue, ink First edition

My concept is to create two books calls ‘storming data’, one represents the keywords in search engine and other one represents the result. At the beginning, I’m thought of getting started with the format of the books through trialing different and creative idea. While under the theme of post digital experience. this test is to figure out what the relationship is between two books and how it can be showcased through visual communication format. We are living in the post digital era, every-one is able to find any information they want. For example, through google research engine. In this era of big data, public information and privacy protection have been a pair of contradiction for their differences in nature. I listed many pairs of object with either direct or indirect relationships in the two books, the small book contains icons or small graphics, the large book contains images of the complete content that relate to those respectively. For example: engine searching keyword and result, program and code, design and inspiration… this can approach to the content straightforward. The ‘two book’s format design clearly defines what I was going to develop further. I was making rough attempts at combinations of search terms, and in order to find the most effective results which Is the foundation for book content. My project is also collecting other work and image but it based on a permanent relation between two book.