Wot is a book?

Astro Storer, Three Colour Process, 2018
Edition of 30

My final submission for my individual project is what I am describing as the “final prototype.” It is a complete work in the final steps of real-world production. There are refinements concerning production to be made, there are imperfections; but the work is final.“Three Colour Process” is an exercise of casual academia or relaxed scholarly study. It is a first, informal, step into academic design writing and exploration of concept. It is brought to life as a short text accompanied with film photographs as reference and their own artwork. The production of the book is as much of a craft as the content and design. Risograph printed in three colours Red (RISO Bright Red), Blue and Green (RISO Seafoam) it represents a tension of the pre and post digital between content, concept and production. To follow in July is a series one release of 30 copies alongside a small website project to advertise, publicise and archive the project.