Wot is a book?

Jingyao Pan, Because talking shit in person is dangerous, 2018
Book, paper, glue, ink First edition, 72 pages

This book is all about Keyboard Warriors. It is a collection of mean comments and keyboard images. Every mean comment comes with an interesting keyboard image in this book. It demonstrates a world of keyboard warriors. The reason why I chose to make this book is because I see mean comment online all the time. I feel like keyboard warriors are actually around us, then I decided to make a book about them. This book can also remind people what they say online is hurtful to other people. About my book During the making process, I kept thinking what information/content should be included in my book, what kind of message I should deliver to readers? Should I be guiding them in my book? Should I make it easy to understand?…Many questions going on in my head. However, after I had a better understanding on What is a book, I realised that the book is the one leading audience, the book itself will decide what to deliver. What I did in my book was just showing what I found. The connection will be built by audience.