Wot is a book?

Paul Kuhn, Youtube Tutorials : An anthology, 2018
Book, First Edition, 50 pages

My final project on the take of Post Digital is transcribing Youtube Tutorials into a reading book. The idea of this concept came about on how in today’s generation almost everyone looks into getting help or even just obtaining entertainment through visual online tutorials and not trhough booklets or pamphlets instructions. Youtube has been a very popular site in search of help, where it subsequently generates a lot of famed “Youtubers”. Watching some tutorials it drawn to me as how the videos have a mix of languages of either very impractical, not being descriptive or being over descriptive to a very practical style. I thought it was a unique and funny concept to take the words of the blabbing “Youtuber” into text. I think a lot of my work tends to go forward with a slightly quirky practice, by trying to do a mostly humorous concepts and approach. I think it relates to this project as I’m creating something that can be seen as very witty and even impractical to some sense yet still having that interesting edge. I think because of that quirkiness I desired a concept that I thought was distinctive, compare to my other concept I had in mind. After looking through different artist and research, my work was mostly related to artist with the technique of Grabbing/Scrapping by the Library of The Printed Web, where we perform a web search query and grab the results. Projects such as Guthrie Lonegran’s 93.1 JACK FM LOS ANGELES and Chris Alexander’s McNugget, both used existing content into interesting objectives, where Lonegran’s was thru radio stations and Alexander’s thru Twitter. These artists and research helped me set a clear goal in terms of collecting my Youtube videos, by having some sort of algorithm of the amount time and views. It helped me be able to condense the large contents within Youtube. I would watch a video tutorial with the subtitles on with slow speed, then translate the language into text using word document, which then I edit to make it into a more readable text and started to design the layout on InDesign to finally creating a 50 page A5 book. Towards the collecting phase I was taken a back by which final outcome I should proceed with. At some point I was drawn to specific “Youtubers” personality and thought to transcribe their Youtube channel. Though after a lot of thinking and discussion I realized that going with that outcome didn’t really equal with the Post Digital concept and might have less appeal to a larger audience. At first I thought to keep the book somewhat subjective, just showcasing the ridiculous amount of text in such a short video within the book, however reading the actual content fascinated me, that I had to make into a book that was readable, so creating it into a “short story” book concept, hence the title of the book and the way the paragraphs was created. I think I could develop a lot further with this project; I could find more of the lengthy tutorials and make an even longer book. I could also go forward with the other ideas I had in mind, I could find a favorite YouTuber and generate their visual journal into a book. I think there are endless possibilities that we can create within this simple concept of transcribing YouTube videos that would create an interesting conversation.