Wot is a book?

Joseph Eddy, You Are The Reader!!!, 2018
Appropriated paper-back book, paper, ink, glue, putty

The title of this book and the design throughout, are parodies of parodies. That is, I am impersonating design which is a carefully constructed replica of actual design. Because of this, the whole design and feel of my book is intended to look enticing but off-putting, with readers feeling suspicious but curious to read on. Little punctuation errors such as the capitalised first letter of every sentence are not necessarily grammatically incorrect but do not look professional. They do, however, scream for attention. The brightly coloured icons spark interest, but it is not until you look closer that you see the extent of the pixelation. My book has made its host book unreadable to an extent since I physically cut holes in it to made room for the impressionable surface. This is part of the nature of conventional identity theft online, where the windows that pop up will obscure whatever you are trying to do.