Wot is a book?

Jamieson Cosgriff, A Guide on #HOWTO edit your Instagram photos … (to look like you’re having the best holiday experience) within context and use., 2018

Initially I had looked more into the ‘fake’ aspect of social media, especially Instagram, focusing on what happens behind the scenes. I thought of comparing the captions of my images from my 2017 holiday to Bali with my ‘real’ thoughts as to what was happening or what I did to achieve the final photo. I went through each of my images from my holiday, noting the number of images taken, filter applied, likes, comments, contrast, etc. to create the perfect ‘formula’ for making your Instagram look as amazing as possible. I feel like this spoke to our generation, and the way in which we edit our reality to look better, and for it to appear like our lives (especially when on holiday) are incredible. For the physical construction of my book I decided to make it seem as ‘fake’ and unnatural as possible, using plastic, shiny photocopy paper and a ‘coded’ typeface. I wanted to remove the tactility as much as possible, trying to get my book to somewhat feel like a phone screen or computer.